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Sok kicsi sokra megy

Az árukereső fogalmat sokan társítjuk ahhoz, hogy ha nagyobb értékű elektronikai cikket szeretnek vásárolni, például egy 200 ezer forintos okos TV-t vagy 150 ezer forintos hűtőszekrényt, akkor plusz mínusz 15%-s árváltozás sokat számíthat nyomhat a latban, tehet megéri körben nézni, hol mennyibe kerül, például hol vásárolhatnánk meg 200 ezer forint helyett adott esetben inkább 170 ezer forintért.

A KSH legfrissebb adatai szerint egy átlagos háztartás egy főre jutó éves Élelmiszerek és alkoholmentes italokra fordított kiadása 300.380 Ft volt 2008-ban. Amennyiben ezt a számot egy négy fős háztartásra nézzük, úgy ez az összeg…

Lindt is a well know, famous and one of the most superior chocolate brands originated from Switzerland. They are producing a variety of chocolate sweets from chocolate bars and sticks through truffles and other seasonal deserts, including one of our beloved sweet treats, the LINDOR.

Invented in 1879 by Rodolphe Lindt, the amazing LINDOR truffle — premium chocolate from the finest ingredients, filled with smooth, velvety, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth feel cream is available in variety of tastes and sizes and we will take a close look into where to buy them with Grate Price Comparison.

Lindt Irresistibly Smooth Milk Chocolate Truffles

The original ultimate personal favorite Lindt…

Shopping is in our DNA. Regular visits to local grocery stores are an inevitable must have parts of our life, and household essentials are playing a key role in planning the monthly budget. Whether our favorite supermarket is Whole Foods Market, Target or Walmart — it is important to plan our shopping ahead and try to grab the best deals — shopping what we need in advance when it has a better price.

But why it’s important to plan ahead?

Planning our grocery visit to the local supermarkets can be useful for several reasons. First of all, when we enter into a supermarket — our navigation, path…

Tips to save on average $65 — $156 monthly on grocery spends.

The average cost of food and groceries each month for one person ranges between $200 – $325 according to the latest monthly report of U.S. Department of Agriculture, which publishes monthly reports about cost of food. For average American families of 4 this could mean spends between $850 and $1300 monthly. With the coronavirus pandemic, the spending and costs

According to the latest monthly reports, average American families of 4 can spend between $560 and $900 on food and groceries. With the hit of coronavirus pandemic – the…

A complete guide for landing a working Elasticsearch 7.9 server from scratch to a secured, multi-node cluster exposed to internet with sample data.


Getting started with Elasticsearch is quite easy as there are several brilliant pre-built solutions giving a quick and convenient approach to land a working Elasticsearch instance in minutes. However if we would like to achieve something more, it can get quite quickly really tricky.

On what we will focus now is how to build an Elasticsearch platform with multiple nodes, exposed to internet, with working Snapshots and Backups, secured with SSL and basic authentication.

Before getting started…

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